Hypnosis for Horse Riding Confidence

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About Barbara

Barbara Saph/Saphire Therapy/Hypnotherapy

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About Barbara

Why I decided to specialise in helping horse riders.


I like many many people enjoy the privalege of associating with horses, watching horses and being able to form that particular partnership with a special riding horse.


To be able to work in harmony with a beautiful, powerful creature to achieve the true potential of both you and the horse must surely be one of lifes great experiences.

However, some of us can doubt are abilities to achieve the success we know could achieve if that particular something was different, whether it is to be braver, to be more skilled, to be able to move past an accident or a failure.

Our self limiting beliefs can restrict how far we can take our horse riding, how much we can enjoy our experiences and how we can confidently step outside of our comfort zone to achieve success.

Yet it is far easier than you may think to move past these limitations and take your horse riding to a new level, even if that is only being able to hack out with confidence on your own horse or pony.

Finding and maintaining that competitive edge is becoming harder and harder as the quality and training of horses becomes better and better, so it is vital to develope skills that can give you the mind-set and the marginal difference that will make the difference.


What do I know about horses and horse riding


Members of my family were associated with horses competively for many years including at international and olympic levels in show jumping.

Show jumping

I myself taught horse riding from beginner to advanced levels in the past, other things interrupted that part of my life including my own family and the major career shift to being a successful therapist. 

I have had my own horse riding demons to face in the past and with the benefit of hindsight and my present therapy/life changing skills I realise how much my own limiting beliefs restricted my achievement.

So combining these two skill sets I have decided to offer this combination to todays horse riders to help them really get maximum joy and success from their equestrian activities.

I look forward to talking to you about what is holding you back be it big or small, because you can change if you want to and  much more easily than you may currently believe.


Barbara's Qualifications and Memberships

Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Dip E Hyp)
Practitioner of NLP (PNLP)
Certificate in Life Coaching (CLC)
Hypnotherapy Master Classes:
Pain Relief, Past Life Regression, Treating IBS with Hypnotherapy, Persona Parts Therapy, Deep Trance Hypnosis.Hypnosis for CHildbirth.
Weight-Loss Masterclass 'The Paul McKenna Program',

Hypno-Band TM Hypnotic Gastric Band Licensed Practitioner for the Southampton area of Hampshire, from Bournemouth to Salisbury and Winchester to Basingstoke.

Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies (MET) 
Advanced Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies
EFT Level 3 Practitioner, 
Licensed Trainer of Meridian Therapies, EFT, with AMT (Association for Meridian Energy Therapies)
Level 3 EFT Trainer with AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques)
Licensed Practitioner of EMO 
Advanced Practitioner of EMO
Trainer of EMO with the Sidereus Foundation.
EFT-ADV, Gary Craig
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Sidereus Events Psychology Practitioner and Trainer
Practitioner Certificate in Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT)
Diploma Past Life Therapy
Diploma Critical Incident Debriefing 
EMDR Practitioner

PTLLS NCFE Level 3 qualification: Preparing to Teach in the LifeLong Learning Sector.

Member of The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies at Trainer Level
Member of The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Techniques at Level 3 Trainer Level
Member of General Hypnotherapy Register
GQHP   no. 2595 (General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice),
Validated and Registered by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council,.
Licentiate Membership of The Hypnotherapy Association.
Licentiate Membership National Council of Psychotherapists
Licentiate Membership of The National Hypnotherapy Society
Membership of Register of Trauma Specialists  No. 00069
Member of the IBS Register.
Member Past life Therapists Association. 
Member Membership of BBNLP   & GONLP ( NLP Associations)
Validated Practitioner on the Hypnotherapy Register.

National Hypnotherapy Voluntary Registration with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) has now replaced both of the registers below, Barbara is registered with CNHC : number 002021-L10

Member Complementary Therapies Association 
NHS Directory
New Forest Business Partnership
Federation of Small Businesses

All these associations require therapists to follow a code of ethics, to have adequate practitioner insurance cover and to participate in Continued Professional Development.
Barbara is the organiser and facilitator of a General Hypnotherapy Register peer support group and a support, supervision and montoring group for Meridian Therapists called The Therapist Support Network www.therapistsupportnetwork.co.uk   email click here to email TSN  and she is the local area contact for The Hypnotherapy Association.

              The Past Life Therapists AssociationGHSC Validated PractitionerGHR Registered






Telephone today for Information 
02380663658 or 07919162542

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